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Translucency Jade Jewelry

Cabochon-cut BC Nephrite Jade Necklace

Cabochon-cut BC Nephrite Jade Necklace

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"This Beautiful Cabochon-cut BC Nephrite Necklace, is truly a piece of elegance. This piece has incredible translucency and perfect color! It was meticulously fashioned from authentic British Columbia nephrite jade."


Jade Information:
Jade-Type: Nephrite Jade
Origin: BC,Canada
Mine-Site: Kutcho
Grade of Jade: A
Type: A (Natural Untreated)
Color: Light-Green/Medium-Green with Green Chromium  

Jewelry Information:
Jewelry-type: Jade Pendant/Necklace
Size/Length: 16 inches
Chain Material: 10k Gold-plated/Stainless
Pendant Size: 1in by 0.75in (4mm Thick)

Carats/Grams: 15c/5g
Price: $79.99

Made in Nova Scotia, Canada

" We currently only ship on Tuesday & sometimes Friday Depending when order is placed. I will be shipping Bi-daily in the near future! "
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