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Translucency Jade Jewelry

White/Green Jadeite Drop Pendant Necklace

White/Green Jadeite Drop Pendant Necklace

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Featuring this Gorgeous White/Green Jadeite Drop Pendant Necklace 

Today we have a Beautiful Handcrafted White/Green Jadeite Drop Pendant Necklace from Burma. This remarkable gem boasts vibrant green hues, paired with an entrancing icy white shimmer. What truly makes it stand out is its extraordinary translucency, unlike anything I've ever seen. I've included a video below showcasing this incredible Piece of Jadeite Jewelry.


Jade Information:
Jade-Type: Jadeite
Origin: Burma (Myanmar)
Mine-Site: Unknown
Grade of Jade: B+
Type: A (Natural Untreated)
Color: White with green hues

Jewelry Information:
Jewelry-type: Drop Pendant Necklace
Size/Length: 18 inches
Chain Material: Stainless
Pendant Size: 1in by 0.75in (4mm Thick)
Carats/Grams: 63c/13g
Jade Artisan: Justin The Jade Carver

Made in Nova Scotia, Canada

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