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Translucency Jade Jewelry

Chinese Nephrite Jade Dragon Sculpture

Chinese Nephrite Jade Dragon Sculpture

Giá thông thường $169.99 CAD
Giá thông thường $209.99 CAD Giá ưu đãi $169.99 CAD
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This Beautifully carved Chinese dragon was carved in China and the Nephrite Jade is local to their Region. This is from my personal collection and is 100% Real Nephrite Jade. Chinese Nephrite Jade is generally isn't known for its bright greens or Chromium appearing in their nephrite Jade.

Jade Information:

Jade-Type: Nephrite Jade
Origin: China
Mine-Site: Unknown

Grade of Jade: B
Type: A (Natural-Untreated)
Color: Light-Green/Medium-Green, 
Fractures: minimal
Inclusions: minimal iron-dots/Calcite 
Weight: approx. 375g

" We currently only ship on Tuesday & sometimes Friday Depending when order is placed. I will be shipping Bi-daily in the near future! "

Due to these factors Chinese Nephrite isn't as highly-valued compared to Canadian BC Jade and the price of this Sculpture reflects that. If this was BC nephrite Jade it would cost x4-x5 the current selling price but it doesn't make it any less Beautiful and it's still 100% REAL Nephrite Jade. 

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