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Translucency Jade Jewelry

Medium Blue Jadeite Slabs - 263g - High Translucency

Medium Blue Jadeite Slabs - 263g - High Translucency

Giá thông thường $179.99 CAD
Giá thông thường $239.99 CAD Giá ưu đãi $179.99 CAD
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Explore Our Collection of Uncut/Rough Jadeite

Dive into the mesmerizing world of jadeite with our exquisite collection of uncut/rough Jadeite. Whether you're a lapidary artist seeking inspiration or a collector in search of raw gems, or your next investment, Our Collection of rough Jade will suit all your needs!

 This piece has been perfectly cut for lapidary artists or gem-collectors looking for their next Gemstone! 

"Price Reduced due to Fracture/Split" 

—Jade Information—

Jade-Type: Jadeite
Origin: unknown
Mine-Site: unknown

Grade of Jade: B
Type: A (Natural-Untreated)
Color: Medium-Blue
Fractures:  very minimal
Inclusions: none

Weight:  263grams 

" We currently only ship on Tuesday & sometimes Friday Depending when order is placed. I will be shipping Bi-daily in the near future! "
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